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8″ Rugged tablet Android 13 GMS 5G

8″ Android 13 GMS 5G  rugged tablet now is ready 

  1. Android 13:

    •  Android 13 has been released  with new features, improvements, and security updates.
  2. GMS (Google Mobile Services):

    • GMS refers to a set of Google applications and APIs that are licensed by Google for use on Android devices. It includes services like Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Maps, etc. Most Android devices come with GMS unless explicitly specified.
  3. 5G Connectivity:

    • 5G refers to the fifth generation of mobile networks, offering faster data speeds and lower latency compared to previous generations. Ensure that the tablet supports 5G connectivity if you require high-speed data transfer.
  4. Rugged Design:

    • A rugged tablet is designed to withstand harsh conditions such as drops, extreme temperatures, and dust. Look for a tablet with MIL-STD-810G and IP 67 ratings for durability.
  5. Specifications:

    •  Processor Qualcomm® QCM6490 Octa Core , RAM 8GMm storage capacity 128GB, and display quality 800 x 128 700nits. These factors contribute to the device’s great performance.
  6. Battery Life:

    • Consider the tablet’s battery life of 7000mAh, especially if it will be used in outdoor or fieldwork scenarios where access to charging may be limited.
  7. Security Features:

    • Depending on your use case, you may want to look for additional security features such  GNSS controller with RTK Position accuracy: 0.01 m + 1 ppm CEP, 2D scanner and UHF RFID
  8. Vendor/Manufacturer:

    • Choose a reputable manufacturer or vendor known for producing reliable rugged devices, get to know our product and service better at your first trial order start from 1 unit.



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